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Top Reasons to hire iPhone app developers for apps with better UX?

Hire iPhone App Developers

iPhone application development  has come a long way for sure! Just a few years ago, there was time that having an app for the business was a big achievement for a business/ company. But with the growth of interest and demand of interesting and engaging apps, the competition has become so tough that having an app for the business is no longer a choice.

Why UX decides the future of your business app in iPhone development?

What is more important is that it has become a necessity to  hire iPhone app developers  who are experienced and professional enough to handle your iOS app development project with dexterity and simplicity. A flawlessness in an app comes from the experience of the iOS app developer.

If your app doesn’t provide your users the stipulated experience, there is no retention of the users on the app.

Did you know that a mobile user uses less than 5 apps everyday?

Among the millions and billions of apps available in the App Store, what chance does your app holds to be used by the smartphone user?

Is your app a necessity?

Is it a favorite of the users because it has got some powerful and dynamic features and functionalities?

One thing that should be on the top priority of the enterprises is definitely how people interact with your app. So, invest into some extraordinary iPhone app development services.

Factors that play role in the Management of User Interaction:

●Intuitive is the key. People love it!
●Empathetic approach.
●Human-centric (as opposed to the business-centric one!)
●Advanced and technological- giving a hint to your potential customers that you love to keep it tech savvy and so does your business!
●Brand imaging and identity is all what you get when you get turned your awesome concept into a robust iOS app.
●Brand loyalty is the biggest thing you can get as a reward when you get your app recognized by the people around the globe.

Some shocking facts if you don’t pay heed to UX in iPhone development:

●The experience people have with etha app definitely affects the app traffic and people instantly look forward to find the alternatives of the same type of app.

●Most of the app users, rather smartphone users complain about not using an app or stopped using it or uninstalling it from the phone because it had some bugs, or problems in designing/ layout.

●Did you know that 20% of the people love to tell about the app bugs and issues or if they had some bad experiences with the app to their friends and family.

So, do you want some more reasons to pay attention to the UX of the iPhone app development?

Read on…

Points you should consider or the iPhone app developers should keep in mind while developing a robust iOS app are as follows:

●You should always look for the factors that can affect the use of the app detrimental.
●Just put these factors into a bin and don’t let these occur in the process of iPhone development.
●Brainstorm the ideas before you put them into reality on your iPhone app.
●It is always important to breakdown the steps so that the whole process of creating an excellent app can go flawlessly.
●A journey map is very essential for the best process of the iPhone app development!

What is a journey map and what does it consists of?
Think about the User Personas of your service/ product:

What is a user persona in general?

The key and important factors in a story are called user-personas. Think who are they in case of your services and product consumption. The needs, goals, feelings, expectations, pain points, opinions of the actual end user are demonstrated by them.

To Conclude: It should also be kept in mind that the channels of interaction should be the best ones that your potential customers can easily use.

WordPress tends to replace PHP with JavaScript in WordPress Development

Due to benefits of  PHP Web Development  so many businesses preferred their website in PHP. Soon their preferred choice was to make their website in WordPress which was PHP based. After so many years of its launch, WordPress finally went through a revamp in 2015. The decade old PHP framework of this hosting platform for blogs and websites made itself to grow and evolve a lot. But in the world of technology what prompts you to grow can also hurdle your advancement and WordPress was also experiencing this. In order to keep up with the fast pace web world, WordPress developers overhauled it rather than fixing the countless bugs and issues. They created Calypso, a new admin interface of WordPress ditching PHP and formed an alliance with JavaScript using libraries like Node and React for the technical growth.

What is the History?

WordPress was launched in 2003 and it dominated the market for more than a decade. It was preferred by millions of online users because of its free tools, thousands of plugins and themes. WordPress captured the web CMS market easily. Soon this hosting platform became the most popular PHP framework for websites having more than 25% of the web market share.
In 2015, Automattic (the company which created WordPress) announced Calypso, a new admin interface for anyone who is using a WordPress website. The JavaScript developers were more excited to hear that it was built entirely in JavaScript. Actually it was built in React, so people who were fan of WordPress and have interest in React, become even more interested in this. As there was some misinformation in the community hence let’s clear this up and understand what it means for the web developers.

WordPress is not being rewritten in Node.js

With new advancement, now PHP Development Company also need to learn about Calypso, React and Node.js if they are working in WordPress. WordPress has been written in PHP but the Calypso admin interface for WordPress is written with popular front end tools like React. This is actually part of a popular trend i.e. Use your server to just give us raw JSON data and then build your application entirely in JavaScript to consume and use that JSON data. WordPress then actually becomes an API which you can pull and push data from. This decoupling of the view and the backend login has given freedom to the WordPress developers and they move much faster because they don’t have now more than a decade of PHP view logic dragging them.

What about WordPress and Node.js?

Why most developers talk about Node.js? Actually most of the front-end tools are built in Node.js, Calypso is built with popular node tools like Jade, Marked, WebPack, Uglify, Babel, Hot Loader and over 100 more modules. This is how the front end space have evolved and it is good actually that WordPress has started using them because there were not many people using these tools in this space.

What about WordPress.com accounts, self hosted, Plugins, Custom post types?

If you do  PHP Application Development  and create WordPress sites then you need to learn many new things now. Calypso is actually an editor and an RSS reader for WordPress.com sites. You can also use it to manage your self-hosted WordPress site. After you enable Automattic’s JetPack plugin, you can manage your content with Calypso. Developers have built these. You could manage, Pages, Posts, Themes, Menus, Plugins and some settings, all the things which you need to manage a blog. Initially missing was an interface for custom fields, custom post types and any custom interface that a plugin use but soon it should be there. So many people use WordPress not only as a blog but many other things.

What’s Store in the Future?

The new version came with an all new desktop application, refined the experience of a blogger and gave the developers an edge for their skills. Let’s discuss what advantages the developers got with this.

New WordPress.com, an admin interface, is now just like a third party interface by WordPress core.

Using JS and API calls in place of PHP and MySQL, the server will be able to distribute a functional WordPress client that runs smoothly within the browser.

The REST API is going to perform functions like fetching the blog posts and publishing new blog posts along with media uploads.

The loading screen time which was developed as a single page application, reduced as well as a fully responsive experience across devices was achieved.

The platform becomes open source on GitHub and offered the flexibility to the users to develop customized interfaces, plugins and themes on the Jetpack websites.

A new Mac desktop application was developed which allowed publishers to insert content to the WordPress site from MAC OS and later on Windows and Linux versions are.

Social media was full of with this news of revamping of WordPress after so many years. The team at Automattic, the parent company of WordPress said that there were working since long for these changes in WordPress and this Gen-next version of WordPress will change the World of technology for sure.

What does this mean for a WordPress Developer?

Much of a theme writing is already in JavaScript. Developers often use WordPress as just an API to get data out of and then use frameworks like Angular, React, or jQuery to display that data. Developers are not building a whole website in JavaScript framework but much of the interactive view layer of these sites is moving into JavaScript frameworks. It looks like you will be writing a lot of JavaScript in your WordPress sites in future.

As Calypso is open source hence people are curious to see what will come next. For many this is going to be big thing for JavaScript. Front end development landscape is changing and it is now hard to ignore what has happened to JavaScript in last few years. Hence now it is great time to start learning JavaScript if you are already not comfortable with it.

Mobile App Development Trends that will Dominate in 2018

Last year i.e. 2017 was a great year for Mobile App Development  industry. We also saw a new programming language Kotlin, becoming Google’s official language for Android mobile app development. We have also seen Apple making inroads into AI industry. Also AR and VR have have become more prevalent in the industry. We have also seen the application of one of the most advanced technology of our time, come into existence – i.e. Blockchain.

Now if you assume that there is nothing left to see and the Mobile Application development industry has reached its peak then you must be wrong as even 2018 looks to be one more impactful and phenomenal year for the world of  Mobile Application Development. Now we will discuss about some of the biggest trends of 2017 which will get even bigger in 2018 than what they were in last year.

Mobile Payments

If you are a Mobile Development Company  then in 2018 you have to create mobile apps having mobile payments feature inside as in 2018, more users will start using their mobile phones to make daily payments as people now don’t prefer to carry much cash. If you haven’t considered offering mobile payments to your customers then it would be a good move for 2018. It is expected that by 2020, the world will see Mobile Payments to reach at $ 503 Billion. Although there are already many mobile payment application available in the market but their number is going to increase. People are finding mobile payments to be much more convenient, faster and secure methods than earlier ones. Hence more mobile app development companies will be incorporating mPayments feature in the mobile app they are developing.

IoT and Wearable

It has been predicted that IoT will grow from $157 billion in 2016 to $ 661 Billion by 2021 and we are right at the initial stage of the growth period. User’s demand for wearables is on the rise. More innovative ideas will be added in what can be done at the click of their watch button and in 2018 we can see that innovation. Another popular application of IoT and Wearable is the Smart homes. In 2018 we will see greater adaptation of technologies which can help users control their smart home devices like door locks, lighting, camera, entertainment system etc. This technology will evolve more over time. In 2018, you will be able to connect your life much more with the devices around you and which you handle or interact everyday.


More and more of the  Mobile App Development Service  now understands the important of AR and VR. The next generation apps especially the gaming apps are most about AR and VR. Their market is expected to reach $150 Billion by the year 2020. In 2017 AR/VR technology was mainly focusing on gaming and retail industry but in 2018 we will see its adaptation in other fields as well like Real Estate, Education, Heathcare sectors etc. AR and VR got its foundation in 2017 and it will grow to much higher levels in 2018. Right now the market of AR is $120 Billion and for VR is $30 Billion which is going to further rise in 2018. Introducing AR and VR in your mobile app will solve your problem of app engagement and will also increase your conversion rate if you are running an E-commerce app.

Chatbots and AI

Users are now searching for convenient interactions with companies and are now expecting channels of communication to be open round the clock i.e. 24*7. About half of the consumers prefer to interact with businesses via a messaging app rather than over the phone or in person. Chatbots will continue to do their task of answering users queries as bot in 2018 and using AI they will be now able to answer those questions also which were not asked yet. They will be able to give alternate solutions to the mobile users, removing the chances of knowing who is behind the screen, i.e. a bot or a human being. Chatbots have started to be used in many industries. Hence chatbots will take the customer service to very high level of satisfaction in 2018 by giving answers 24*7 and by answering difficult questions. This combination of AI and chatbots will be highly useful in number of fields including healthcare.


Now with these trends you will Hire Mobile Developers which can implement these new trends in the mobile app they are developing. We have discussed some of the trends which will dominate in 2018. Now more mobile phone users will use their mobile phone to pay, use more of apps which are using AR/VR, more of his devices at home will be connected to his smartphone using IoT and he will get more satisfaction while interacting with businesses using AI and Chatbots. Overall the life of people on earth will become more fast, convenient and satisfied with these trends in mobile app development in 2018.

How to Create a Creative iPhone app for your business?

iPhone App Development

iPhone app development is surely taking over the world and that too with a big boom! What every business is eyeing on is- the maximum reach to the audience who are their target audience. Undoubtedly, this is the best time to get an iPhone app from a professional and expert iPhone application development company. This is the best time to get an iOS app developed for your business!

There are plethora of benefits of getting an iPhone app developed for your business. Some of the very awesome advantages of getting an iOS app developed are as following:

1.Cult of iPhone users is huge: It means that “Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user”. You stand a long-term chance that your business app will be discovered by the iPhone/iPad users. Isn’t it a great chance to take advantage of the always blooming iPhone app development arena.

2.High Revenue from the Apple App Store: Apple’s App Store offers a very high revenue to the app developers. This is the main reason why developers want to move to iPhone development rather than Android app development. More downloads means more revenue. It is all up to the promotion of the app.

3.Unmatchable UI/UX of the app: The apps being developed for iPhone are extremely unmatchable and unbeatable in quality. The user experience of an app matters a lot! In fact, it is the only thing that makes an iOS app much needed by the iPhone users.

4.Virtual Reality Apps for Instant Success: The virtual reality apps which are launched in the App Store always gain instant spotlight. That is because these types of apps are very addictive! Such is the power of iPhone application development!

●However, the question here arises is that how come some apps like Uber, Pokemon Go, The Candy Crush Team, Snapchat etc. manage to get millions of downloads from around the world, and how come some other apps are still unknown to the audience?

Well, it’s all about the idea of an app! More creative the app, more and more customers will be attracted to your app through it’s features and feel impulsive to download them.

How to conceive an unbeatable idea for your business app?

Wash away the concerns about money: We would stress on not thinking much about the budget or monetisation, either ways, initially! At least for the initial level, when you are just thinking about the app. It’s all about the idea of the app which matters a lot than anything else. If the idea of the app is top-class, no hurdles like money and budget will ever come to your way! You never know, if you can get the sponsor also!

●Find inspiration which is important for the app: It is rightly said that without an inspiration about any project, you can’t get enough strength to carry out the project to the next level. It is all about the iPhone application development with a lot of inspiration! It may be another app, which can inspire you but to take it to  the very different next level. Try to make look every other app, very different and “old” from yours so that you have a positive point over others.

● Brainstorming Sessions will lead your way to the best idea: A fact that most of us ignores is that we don’t allot much time to brainstorming sessions. We don’t understand the importance of thinking continuously over days and months about the project. Every day, our mind conceives the same idea with a different shape to it! Same thing happens when you set aside time for exercising your mind to get that perfect idea for your app. It’s always important to jot down the tiny little things that come to your mind everyday.

●Turn to Social Media for Inspiration: Along with the above points, one completely important point to pay attention is social media. Social media is full of ideas. New things, everyday! You don’t even need to think as much, there are already millions of things happening on Facebook and Instagram, that you can readily go for them!

How iPhone Developers can cut out the cost of an app?

iPhone App Development

iPhone app developers are much in demand these days. No wonder, we can actually thank the growing need of having an app for almost every type of business around the world. It doesn’t matter anymore whether the business is a small enterprise or a large one.

What all matters is that an app is the best marketing and promotional tool to reach to the target audience of the business you own.

One can opt from the various options available- ranging from Android apps and iPhone apps. No doubt, Android covers 82% of the share in the market but iPhone is relatively more popular and most-wanted by most of the businesses around the world because it’s top-notch apps never fail to impress the audience of the brand.

If you have already decided on getting an iPhone developed for your business, then it’s high time to hire iPhone app developers. In this writeup, we are going to discuss about the tips and factors that play a very significant role in app development that should be followed.

You, as a business owner, should also pay heed to these factors to cut on the expenses of the app before you hire iPhone app developers for your business:

1.Explore the Market Options Available:

App development industry is very agile. The trends in this market keeps on changing very quickly and it’s very important to keep in line with the changing trends of the market. If you present an obsolete app to your audience, they won’t ever trust your business or buy from you! An app is a reflection of your brand and business. Exploration of the new trends in the market and a complete analysis play a vital role before you hire iPhone developer.

2.Right Platform is the key:

Before you hop on to the costly decision of getting an app developed from an iPhone app development company, you need to think that what platform will suit your business. You should research on your target audience to see whether you need an iOS app or an Android app or any other platform. You will need to see if the developer you want to hire has the required skill sets or not! If your chosen platform doesn’t sync with the right audience, things can go off the board.

3.Cross-device compatibility of the app:

It’s not only important to get an app developed for your business to reach more audience, what is more important is that the app should be compatible with most of the devices. If it’s an iPhone app, always hire iPhone developers who are experienced in creating apps which are cross-compatible. Every target customer or client of yours should be able to reach to you through your app, regardless of the devices of your customer-base.

4.Decide on the Features and Functionality of the app:

If you get an idea of the app, firstly you should also think about the features and the functionalities of the app that should be incorporated into your app by the app developers. It’s a thing of collaboration that what type of features will suit what type of audience and completely depends on the customer-base. There are endless possibilities of getting an app developed as far as features and functionalities are concerned. It is important to curb the cost of the app development.

5.Deadlines of the app development:

It’s a great thing to get an app developed, but you also need to take care that the iPhone app developers you hire should be able to complete your app development process in the stipulated period of time so that you don’t need to pay the rush charges to get your app developed. Check with the past clients and their references that the iPhone app development company you choose has completed apps development in the stipulated time periods.


To say in a few words, the above factors need to be thought of very carefully before you start investing into the app development process. It’s all about careful planning and market analysis, along with giving time to your business app development to see where you can cut the cost and hence, cut on the investment.

5 Vital Questions to ask to a custom software development vendor

Software Development Company

Software Development Company are soaring high in the market and are in much demand these days. The booming IT sector has proved that the businesses really need to think of having a customized website if they want to create a brand for themselves in the market and attract the attention of the website visitors.

This is very important so that the investment on your business can be returned with much profit. If you are investing into custom software development, make sure that the return on investment is high enough to make you go with the business in the long-term.

Here are some reasons why should you consider getting a custom software developed for your business:

●Getting a custom software developed for your business means your productivity increases and getting a website created means the reach of your business is higher because of the online digital presence which should always be very much visible.

●A website should be properly SEO optimized so that the search engines can easily crawl and show your website in the SERPs. If a website is created in a very appealing and stunning manner but SEO of the website is not good, there is no use of investing into it.

●Investing into software development services means that you are creating a digital presence of your brand which means that the people from around the globe can reach to your website very easily. This is very important as you will not have to invest into building a brick and mortar store.

●If you are thinking of selling things online, then there is none better option than having an ecommerce website built where you can sell your products without physically building a store. With just fraction of investment you can get even better profits.

●A software development company can help you build a software that is tailor-made according to your requirements. A proprietary software may not have all the functionalities and requirements needed by your business.

After having a look at the above mentioned benefits of having a website built, let’s have a look at the questions that you must ask before investing into the software development services.

Questions to ask a software development company:

There are many factors which you may probably miss before investing into software development services which are as following and we will be discussing in detail in this article.

●Ask about NDA to protect your information:

There may be some things that can create conflict at the end of the project. So, prevention is better than cure. You need to be sure that the NDA is signed between you and your custom software development company so that no legal issues arise at the end of the project. NDA means- Non-Disclosure Agreement. A company should sign the commitment that they will not disclose your trade secrets to anyone.

●Experience and level of service of the vendor:

One must ensure that the custom software developers you are choosing are experts in their services. The level of their services should be transparent and you should be given the daily project report/ status of your project so that the money invested is not wasted and you do not have to regret later on. You, as a client should know about the company’s expert level in providing the services by checking their past work.

●Work and communication schedule:

Another major factor that should be checked before investing into the services is definitely smooth flow of communication. A miscommunication can easily hamper the process of work of development. Communication channels should be smooth and without any hurdles. A project manager should be able to communicate with the clients whether it’s instant messaging or audio calling or even video conferencing.

●Compatibility with the vendor:

Like the hurdles in the time zone differences, there can be problems like language compatibility and opinion differences which sometimes don’t work. Outsourcing is a good option but not when the cultural differences as well as difference in opinions doesn’t let you go on with the process.

●Ownership Rights:

It should be made clear in advance that the end product will be owned by whom? Sometimes, due to the change in mind of the vendor, he can change the ownership rights right away.

Why Hire Android Developers from Dubai for your Business App

Android App Development

Android app developers are much in demand in Dubai and all other parts of the world. Undoubtedly, Android OS is the most popular app development platform in the app development industry these days. It can be owe to many reasons like ease of development of Android apps in the Android SDK by Google and the availability of expert Android app developers in Dubai or elsewhere.

Why think of Android app development for your business:

1.Android has 82% of market share:

One of the most important reasons of getting an Android app build for your business is that it’s a hot trend these day owing to the 82% share in the market which Android OS holds. This is in comparison to iPhone app development which is also popular but AndroidOS has its own benefits and popularity which all the businesses should take advantage of!

2.Free and Open-Source Development:

Second thing is that Android development is free of cost and is an open-source development is possible through this platform. The Android app developers can freely download the SDK from Google and use it any way they like to. In addition to this, there are only development charges which the client has to pay to the developer.

3.Customizable App Development:

This platform lets the developers create the most unique and creative apps without much difficulties. It is because the apps can be made completely tailor-made as demanded by the developer. An app development platform should always be versatile and flexible enough so that the developer does not face any problems.

4.Not-so strict Android Play Store Guidelines:

Even the guidelines posted by Android Play Store are not strict enough. It means you have a high chance to get your app selected in the Google Play Store. This is a relief in comparison to the restrictions being imposed by Apple for App Store apps.

5.Multi-marketing Channels:

With Android development platform, you can promote your app on any number of platforms and channels as you like. You have no restrictions on the marketing of your apps at all. Instead you have the control in your hand with which you can post the links to download your app as and when you want to.

6.Highly Affordable App Development:

Another major factor that makes Android a very popular platform is that it is highly affordable to get an Android app developed rather than an iOS app built for your business. Any type of business can get an Android app developed for them but not the small businesses can easily afford iOS apps at all.

7.Security and Support:

As Android SDK is an app development kit by Google which is free to download and use by the developers, the security and support is also awesome. It is because Android SDK has a huge community of expert developers who can who are always there to help each other in case of the problems and issues faced.

Why hire Android app developers from Dubai and not elsewhere?

We are listing some of the major reasons so that you can make decision according to the reasons given by us and hire Android developers for your business app launch.

●Android Developers from Dubai are experts in Android application development as we have seen from our market research.

●Since, the demand is huge because of the upcoming and already established businesses, every business owner knows perfectly the importance of getting an app developed to reach more audience.

●There are many Android application developers in Dubai, so the competition means that even the expert developer srae available to work at lower-prices, thus saving you a lot of money all the way.

●Professionalism in mobile app development matters a lot because if the developers are not professional about their work and not even ready to take on the challenges in between the process, your money can go waste.

●An Android app developer should have sound technical knowledge about the Android platform as well as Android SDK. It is an app development kit by Google which means that the reliability and trust factor is good enough to invest your money with no second thoughts at all.

●An Android app developer should be able to give you daily status reports or weekly project reports. Reports are very important because unless you get to know about the process of your project being executed, you will not know whether it’s on the right track or not. You are even able to introduce some changes in the project by giving instructions to the developers.

To conclude, the above benefits of Android app development will push you to launch an app for your business. It is a completely open source platform making it easier for the developers to create customized and unique apps every time as well as lower the development charges as well.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing Mobile App Development to Dubai?

Hire iPhone App Developers

Now a days lots of businesses Hire Mobile Developers to develop mobile app for their businesses. Offshore outsourcing is the system of partnering with an external organization to do some work with the primary aim to reduce cost. It brings profit for both the organizations. Now a days it has become a strategic necessity to cut down expenses by outsourcing projects like Mobile App Development or Web Application development. The importance of Mobile Apps is known to everybody. But building a robust and fully featured mobile app is not an easy task. Even if you have the idea but still it needs lots of efforts to execute it by building the mobile app. Outsourcing can bridge the gap between your excellent idea and the real app. Outsourcing is a step towards long lasting success of your business. By outsourcing to Dubai, you will get lots of advantages like huge availability of highly skilled manpower, friendly government policies, great infrastructure and use of latest technologies. Lets discuss how outsourcing can benefit your business and how you can stay ahead in competition by outsourcing your mobile app development work to Dubai.

Adjustable Working Hours

In Dubai areas, companies do understand the requirement of working 24 hours as the client can be of different location or continent and sometimes there are requirements to interact with the client live. If you outsource your mobile development work to Dubai area then you can get this benefit and you can contact your partner firm or company any time in day.

Cost Savings

Either you Hire iPhone App Developers or Android app developers from Dubai based upon your requirement, you will get the benefit of saving cost. By outsourcing your work, you need to pay small amount of money in advance to the company which is expert in app development. The total cost will also be very less as compared to the development cost in-house. Also as the region has many companies which can bid for the project hence due to this competition also the cost of your project will be less and under your budget. These companies takes very less time to develop and deliver the mobile app and offer development plans for different kinds of budget and requirements to satisfy their clients fully.

Multi-Platform Development

The success of your mobile app depends on its reach. Android has the biggest market share but you cannot ignore iOS and Windows platforms if you want your mobile app to be extremely successful. Offshore development companies in Dubai have expertise in different mobile app development platforms and can help you to realize your dream into reality with the versatile app.

You can Focus on your Core Business

When you Hire Mobile App Developer then you need not to spend lots of time to learn those skills. The skills required for mobile application development are getting more and more complex and if you will spend your time and energy in learning them to develop your mobile app then surely you will loose focus from your core business. By outsourcing the mobile development work you can completely focus and devote all of your time and energy on growing your business and making strategies for marketing rather than looking after your mobile app related issues.

Availability of Highly Skilled Workforce

With the outsourcing company you will get access to a wider pool of highly skilled and experienced Workforce which is dedicated to app development. They know very well the latest technologies used in app development, the problem faced and how to deal with them quickly. You can never compete with their skills and experience even if you hire your own mobile app developers. Hence when you are hiring an offshore company it means you are partnering with a pool of experienced professionals who already have helped many business like yours before.

Infrastructure and Technology

The good thing about Mobile App Development Service is that they have great infrastructure in place. These outsourcing companies have excellent infrastructure to develop mobile apps as they are doing it full time and for various clients from all over the world. They have high bandwidth internet, latest PCs, all Mobile platforms, required updated IDE and other softwares and hardwares which are required to build a mobile app.


We have just discussed some of the key benefits of outsourcing your mobile application development work to expert companies in Dubai region. Here there are many such companies working day and night to fulfill the requirements of their clients which hails from all over the world especially from US and Europe. These companies have all the latest skill set and required experience to develop your project. These companies also have best infrastructure in place and they are quite affordable too. Hence instead of hiring inhouse mobile app developers or looking at companies in some other region just choose the mobile app development company from the Dubai region, get a robust and highly functional mobile app and stay ahead in the competition.

Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2018 That Everyone Wants to Watch

Android App Development

The year 2017 was a great year for mobile app development industry and Android Development Company and also iOS Development Company have gained lots of ground. Now it looks like the latest trends of mobile app development will continue in 2018 as well. When the small business owners try to learn about what their competitors are doing in new year, quickly they realize that developing a mobile app is no longer a matter of choice but now it has become a necessity for the businesses and it is important if the businesses want to leave an impact on the customers and progress in the competitive environment. Now mobile have fast become the medium to reach quickly to the customers through mobile apps and to increase the sales.

Android and Apple iOS are celebrating their 10 year of launch and it is a proof that how much the app development industry has evolved. The new technologies ruling the year 2017 and continuing in 2018 is the talk of the market. Hence in this competitive environment you should be thoroughly remain aware of the upcoming trends in the mobile app development industry so that your business can succeed. Let’s discuss the most popular mobile app development trends for the year 2018.

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality Apps

If you are a Mobile Development Company then you must be aware of the trend of AR and VR apps. Augmented Reality is a kind of live direct or indirect view of the real world environment where some of the elements have been augmented with the help of computer generated sensory inputs like sound, video, graphics, GPS data etc. While Virtual Reality is a computer technology which through the use of virtual headsets creates a set of lifelike visuals, sounds of other sensations that create a simulation.

Although these technologies are used more in gaming industry but they are emerging quite fast. The total market of AR and VR is expected to reach $ 108 Billion by the year 2021. Pokemon Go and other gaming apps have made this technology more popular in 2017. Soon AR and VR will be used in other diverse set of industries and sectors like healthcare, real estate and retail.

Android Instant Apps

Now more businesses want to Hire Android Developers as they came to know about concept of Android instant apps. Android instant apps concept was first introduced by Google in 2016 and now the apps were made available to the developers. This is an important change as this would allow the users to try the app without having to install the app in the old way. The mobile app with this feature can be accessed with just one tap and then it can be removed from the phone, when the user closes it and there is even no need to uninstall it afterwards. This feature is changing the way the users interact with the apps. Right now there are only few apps using this technology but once this feature becomes more popular this will make the native apps function like websites and will attract more and more customers due to its convenience. This technology can be a big revolutionary one and the Android Instant Apps will run on all Android versions.

IoT and Wearables

There has been a lot of talk about smart home, smart cities, IoT, smart retail etc. As the IoT apps are becoming more popular hence the interest in these things will grow a lot in 2018. We have already seen the robust growth of the Apple Watch apps. Android things from Google is a step towards increasing the acceptance of IoT. IoT market is expected to reach $660 Billion by the year 2021. As the IoT devices will be connected and controlled through smartphones hence there will be more popularity of the IoT trend in the market.

Mobile Payments

In last few years, the customers have been doing online shopping a lot more and the trend of mobile shopping is going to rise even further in 2018. Earlier customers were using net banking and cards to pay for the online shopping but with the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Waller this has changed and now customers are shifting to m-commerce. This method of payment is more convenient for customers. Research report says that now about 1.7 Billion mobile wallets are in use and it will rise further in coming years. Hence there is also a need for more secure transactions that the users will be making through their mobile wallets.

Mobile Application Security

Till now there has been not much done in this area and the fear and lack of security in mobile app is troublesome for users as well as the developers. In coming years, the Apps with inbuilt and enhanced security measures will become more popular and will assure safety to the customers which will be using the app. In 2018 more developers will be focusing on providing more security features in the apps.


The year 2017 was a remarkable and a milestone year for the mobile app development industry as several new technologies have made their head way into the mobile app development. In 2018 and in coming years there will be more stress on security of the apps and technology like AI, AR, VR, IoT, Cloud computing etc and they will become the mainstream and mobile commerce will become even more popular.

Tips to Get Your App Approved by the Apple App Store


iPhone App Development Services

If you want an iOS app to be built for your business then either you can hire any iPhone App Development Services or you can build it by hiring inhouse developers. Apple App Store and Android Play Store are the best marketplaces for the people in mobile app industry. But due to its quality standards, popularity and the ability to make the app earn, Apple App Store is considered the best marketplace for the mobile apps. But it is also the toughest to enter and make your app popular on it. Developers know that sometimes they can face the app to be rejected due to some reasons. In this article we will discuss about how to submit your app in App store so that you can avoid rejection and how your app approve in the first attempt itself.

Your app that you have developed is reviewed by the Apple’s testers and only when your app satisfies all the rules and regulations then only it will get the approval. The process of app submission to the app store should be planned well. In the worst case, it can take more than 4-6 weeks for approval and you might miss the deadlines. We are telling you certain things which you can do to ensure that your app gets the approval quickly and in the very first attempt.

Learn from Other’s Mistakes

If you are an iPhone App Development Company then before submitting the app, learn from others mistakes. You have to do lots of research and go deep into the case histories where the apps were rejected and check the reasons why these apps failed to get their approval. Apple also publishes the biggest reasons apps get rejected. Make a list of all of these reasons for rejection and make sure you avoid these reasons. By this way you will have a clear idea about the guidelines as well and you can then ensure that your app meets these criteria making it highly probable that your app will be approved.

Keep it As simple as Possible in the First Time

This is important. You should offer the basic functions in your app and stay away from the complex ones when you are submitting your app for the first time. Once your app is approved then slowly you can add more features by app update. The reason is that if you build a minimum running product first which is more reliable then there will be more chances of getting it approved.
Try to Create the App with Unique Ideas

Businesses Hire iPhone App Developers as they want their unique ideas to come into reality. Creating an app with unique and fresh ideas is not simple thing. If you app performs the same functions as other apps do then it can be rejected. Try to create something which is truly unique.

Don’t Mention Competitor’s Platform

May be you have built an app that runs on other platforms also like Android and Windows but don’t mention it while submitting your app on the Apple App Store otherwise your app may be rejected.

Regular Testing and a Proper process of Quality Assurance

Whatever is the kind of your app, you should do repeat tests in order to make sure it has no error and everything is working fine. Other than the developers doing testing of the app, there should also be a proper process of quality assurance and the app should pass that everytime it is tested. Use and test your app daily before it is ready to be submitted.

Don’t Send the Beta Version for Approval

If you submit the Beta version of your app that means your app is not fully ready yet. In this case there is no chance that it will get the approval from the Apple’s team.

Organize Everything Carefully before Submitting the App

Submitting your app to Apple App Store is an important step hence it is important to be organized. Collect the information about the Apple App Store, make sure you have a valid Apple Developer’s account and a computer that has OS X. Also Xcode and Keychain Access should be installed on your computer. Also make sure that your app meets all the Apple App Store Guidelines.

Follow all of the Apple’s App Store Directive

This is most important point. Follow the directives or guidelines from the Apple App Store honestly and do not deviate from them under any situation. App Store is very clear about their guidelines hence take a deep look into it, understand them carefully and then evaluate your app against them before submitting your app. Apple has guidelines for design of the app, icons, how the app will display on other iOS devices like the new iPhone X, about the screen dimensions etc. Your app should meet all of these requirements then the chances of getting your app approval will be high.

Be Polite While Communicating with the Review Team

Sometimes the review process can be little frustrating for you. Here your attitude can also make a difference. You should remain positive, kind and polite with everyone that you interact with during this review process. If all people you interact with are satisfied then there will be more chances of approval of your app.


There is no doubt that once you finished developing your iOS app, the next step is to get it approved at the Apple App Store. If you will follow the points which we have discussed above then there will be high chances of your app to get approved. Just keep your app simple in design, navigation and attractive in look and feel and follow all the App Store guidelines and wait after submission, your app will be approved. If in any case it is rejected then remove the bugs, test it thoroughly, make the needful changes and resubmit the app and remain patient, may be your app will be approved next time.