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Boost up your Online Business with powerful Magento Extensions

Magento ecommerce development is one of the most famous CMS or platforms if a brand wants to develop their full-fledged ecommerce website or an online store with all the cutting-edge functionalities and features. None other platform than Magento can help a business to create a successful website that can reach the maximum number of audience in the least possible time.

We can owe this to the fact that websites created with Magento are SEO-friendly because of the inherent SEO-friendly code. A Magento developer who is an expert at developing websites with Magento ecommerce development platform can create robust and high-end websites to boost any business and to sell more products without any hassles.

Magento Developer

A major benefit of using Magento over other platform is also that websites with high level of customization can be created according to the client’s needs and requirements. These can be created according to the small or large scale business. Magento website with any kind of budget can be created by the expert Magento developers in Magento ecommerce development.

Let’s have a look at why Magento is the most in-demand platform to create online stores for any and every type of business:

●Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform which has its own benefits like customization and creating tailor-made websites with the least cost and least time and resources. But make sure to hire an expert Magento developer to leverage all the benefits of it.

●The expert developer pool and community of Magento has created a number of extensions to use Magento in a better way and in a more fruitful way. These Magento extensions are specially developed for marketing and improving the UX experience of the users on the Magento Websites.

●Surprisingly, Magento has the highest number of extensions available in the marketplace. This market place is called “Magento Connect”.

Marketing and Promotion gains the key focus in the Magento Ecommerce stores because we can’t deny the usefulness and power of promotion and marketing to reach the most number of people in the world who are the potential customers of a brand.

Well-organised campaigns and email alerts, blogs, articles, social media campaigns etc. are all the multiple marketing channels to promote the website to a wider number of audience.

You can save a day by using these Magento extensions and to make the most of Magento in a hassle-free manner.

Mirasvit Advanced SEO package:

No one can deny the importance of reaching out to more and more people around the world if you have an online store! What is the most vital thing in the ecommerce store is the visibility of your store in the Google Search Engine and other search engines results. Ranking is very important too. A website should be search engine friendly optimized and this is not a very easy thing to accomplish. If you want that your ecommerce store should rank high in the SERPs of Google, Yahoo and Bing, then go for using this extension to see the change. Optimize the keywords and site maps also.

Magento 5 in 1 Social Login:

It is a module made specifically for social media campaigns. This extension is made on the basis that social media is the place for real people. What can be more useful than this extension which lets the user signup and login into 5 social media platforms simultaneously based on their social account. LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are included in this 5 in 1 Magento module extremely helpful for a Magento developer.

Bronto for Performance-oriented Email Marketing:

One of the most influential methods for new age promotion and marketing is email-marketing. Surprisingly, people love to get useful email and if it’s a special offer exclusively for your customer, you have got a lead! Completely a free extension, Bronto is quite a powerpack of features like it analyses data, it gives automatic product recommendations. It helps your customers apply coupon codes as well as many other awesome features!

Jorhna Magento Affiliate Extension:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is very famous and we all know that. So, there is no way why Affiliate marketing should not be used to promote your brand. This extension helps in promoting through commission-based marketing.

Promote on mobile with Elite M-Commerce:

With this extension, you can easily promote your ecommerce website on the mobiles.

Top 10 Benefits of PHP Development for Websites

PHP development is much in demand these days and PHP developer, who is an expert at PHP programming is cashing on a lot of money owing to the capabilities and abilities of PHP programming language. More and more number of websites are being created everyday. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, website has become a necessity for every business.

PHP Development

PHP development makes it easier to create stunning looking dynamic websites, which may not be possible with any other script or technology. PHP development helps create customised websites with high-end technologies and cutting-edge functionalities. PHP- an unmatchable server side scripting language comes with an innumerous benefits, that has become the reason of it’s popularity across the world. It has many advantages over other scripting languages in the IT world. PHP is without doubt, the most versatile and most flexible and scalable programming language in the web development arena.

Without any second thoughts, this server-side scripting language provides with a cutting-edge platform to the PHP developers to come up with dynamic and functionality-rich websites and that too, with an access to database for easy modifications in the website.

PHP Developer

It is a robust language and should be the preferred language for your website if you want to leverage the maximum benefits of PHP development. A PHP developer has all the required skills to create a fully-functional website. Let’s get straight to the benefits of using PHP as a platform to create web applications:

Benefits of using PHP language as a platform to create websites:

●Not too much complex to learn and code: The most popular programming language famous in today’s web development world is PHP language. Extremely easy to learn as well as code, when we compare it to other programming languages. If you are well-versed in Syntax of C or Perl, you can easily learn to code in PHP because of the easy Syntax involved in this language.

●Free and Open-Source to Use: PHP developers can customize the websites easily using this platform and PHP development is free and open-source because there is no payment to be made to the manufacturers or to upgrade it.

●Cost-effective: As there is no recurring cost to the PHP developers for developing websites, it means that the developers can create your website in the least cost possible and that too with maximum features inherited.

●High level of reliability and control: There are shortest possible codes which are really easy to perform. This is unique in comparison to other scripting languages because you don’t need to enter long codes. This is very useful in case you want to modify your own website later on even if you are not versed with PHP development.

●Cutting-edge and dynamic websites: PHP is a language that helps you expand the functionality of the website very easily. PHP developers with expertise in hand, are high in performance and highly dynamic too. Performance of the websites are cutting-edge as they are created using this language.

●Access to Technical Support: There is a huge community of PHP developers who are accessible across the world. These can be hired offline or online freelancers can be hired too. In case, you encounter any problems, you can easily contact the developers to get expert help.

●Multi-platform Support: Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX are supported by this platform. These are all the major web browsers which must be supported by any scripting language.

●Multi-Server Support: Major web servers like Apache and Microsoft IIS are supported by PHP-based websites. Netscape and other personal web browsers are also supported.

●Fast and high-speed: There is less workload on the server and it leads to lesser time for loading which increases the website speed. Faster processing speed is possible because PHP uses it’s own memory. Also, PHP development time is reduced, leading to faster development owing to the PHP developers.

●Secure and Tested: It’s been two decades that PHP language has been used by the developers across the world. It’s secures and tested by millions of developers across the world.

Mobile App Personalization through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming one of the hot topics among both business as well as science fraternity and more leading technology companies are showing keen interest in AI investment. Google recently acquired DeepMind, an AI research company. Last year Baidu and Google have spent many billions of dollars on AI research. Hence AI is expanding at huge momentum. Many business sectors like healthcare, finance and education are investing more in AI while mobile remains one of the most promising area for AI research and applications.

iPhone Application Development

If you want to implement some of the AI feature in your mobile app then you have to go for either iPhone App development or Android App development as these are the major services people look for to develop an innovative and successful mobile app. The idea of having a personal assistant to help in everyday tasks is becoming very popular. The potential for smart apps is also great. Now mobile applications are using AI to drastically improve user satisfaction. In this article we will give high level overview of changing user demands and the application of AI in mobile apps.

What is AI?

AI is a wide term and it encompasses capabilities such as machine learning, natural language processions, machine vision and knowledge management. AI has endless possibilities but in the context of mobile, it can be embedded using chatbots or in sensors. Many companies are adopting AI to retain their users. As per research report, AI and intelligent apps is one of the Top ten strategic trends for 2017 and even for years to come. Every aspect of enterprise mobile apps will accommodate AI. Most of the large enterprises are going to develop intelligent mobile apps. Machine learning is a subset of AI that provides computers with the ability to learn without explicit programming and can adapt when exposed to new data. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning, based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high level concepts in data.

More Personal Experience for Users

Now so many Mobile App Development companies also develops such a mobile app which provides personalized experience to the users by using AI technology. The expansion of AI technology has also increased the expectations of mobile users. There is a “My Starbucks Barista” mobile app using which the users can simply tell the app what they want and it places the order for them. Similarly, there is an app “TacoBot” which provides an enriched, tailored user experience by recommending personalized menu suggestions by predicting user specific purchase trends.

Mobile App Development

AI powered smart apps are growing in popularity among users as they help to accomplish daily tasks easily. Mobile is the ideal platform for AI applications. Mobile devices are now offering many features to supplement AI performance. Smartphones are equipped with GPS tracking, microphone and camera. Apple revealed the iPhone X having neural engine built for AI tasks such as Face ID’s 3D scanning. Combining AI technology with these inbuilt features makes apps more relevant and personalized.

AI setting new Standards:-

Google home, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Viv and Amazon’s voice controlled digital home assistant, Alexa all are gaining more

popularity. It is predicted that Mobile and voice control will merge into a great user experience that will reduce the number of pain points users have. Smart devices will do what they are expected to do as opposed to asking users what to do. Voice interfaces allow users to interact with apps in a smooth and intuitive way but it is actually more than just voice recognition users want to see more, users are seeking predictive messaging and context aware computing. Google Home is capable of answering more questions than Alexa enabled products. Third party developers can integrate Alexa skills into a number of applications.

How will Mobile AI impact Businesses?

Retail giants like Amazon and eBay have already proved the success potential of AI mobile apps. Now AI mobile app development is the new digital frontier for enterprises thanks to the advancement in technology and shift in consumer demands. The big tech companies are integrating these AI algorithms into various products to secure users further into their brand ecosystems.

Many devices and application will be written with algorithms that will adjust based on learned behavior. As we will see more AI and machine learning driven apps, businesses can get benefit from data apps via point of sale machines, online traffic, mobile devices etc to improve the user experience. The algorithms will go through the data and find new trends and adjust the apps to create more meaningful and context rich opportunities to engage users. Modern enterprises are capitalizing on the benefits AI provides to connect users to their brands.

New Opportunities in Mobile App Development

The huge growth of artificial intelligence is creating a whole new class of mobile app possibilities. AI is influential in mobile app development for e.g. Apple’s Siri and it has potential to advance much more in years to come. Machine learning has moved out of its initial stage and users now want flexible algorithms for smooth and intuitive experiences. The new and advance AI and machine learning is causing a huge shift in the way the developers, businesses and users think about doing intelligent interactions with mobile applications.

Why to use Xamarin for cross-platform mobile applications development?

We are living in a digital era when billions of people are accessing internet through their PCs and smartphones. People also use smartphones to use the mobile apps installed on them to do their day today work. Due to the high demand for smartphones and mobile apps, the mobile development market is growing at a massive rate. Mobile app developers are in high demand and large number of mobile applications are launched everyday.

Due to high demand of mobile app development and the high growth of mobile apps, the revenue of the businesses which develop these mobile apps is skyrocketing. Hence this is an opportunity for the mobile app developers and businesses to strengthen their position.


Most of the businesses now want to develop a mobile app for their business so that the customers can buy their products and services right from their smartphones. Hence now it is becoming important for the organizations to rapidly develop and deploy apps with the help of cross-platform development tools. As per a research, it is expected that more than 20 millions enterprise apps will be developed by 2018. There has been growing investment and acquisition in the enterprise mobile app development industry. Now the mobile apps are downloaded billions of time and generate billions of dollars of revenue which is making mobile apps most popular tools to get customers across the globe. Now so many people spend lots of their time on Android and iOS devices. As there are many different mobile application development platforms hence the businesses need a strategy which can deliver the mobile app in right time for all the platforms to meet the demand. Demand for Xamarin platform is also increasing as it supports hybrid mobile application development.

Most of the mobile app developers prefer hybrid mobile app development. But if you focus on the end user then you can decide which platform is best for you. The use of multiple platforms in application development increases the testing time and adversely affects the release time. Therefore, Xamarin as a cross mobile app development platform is getting more popular in mobile app development industry. Now we will discuss the reasons why enterprises are looking to expand their mobile app development effort by making the use of Xamarin.

Native Applications

Generally native design is the most preferred solution for mobile app development. Xamarin provides native look and feel to the mobile app. Xamarin provides native API, native user interface and native performance. This allows the app to look in a way the user wants and enables it to behave as per user expectations. Xamarin app offer platform specific capabilities. By using the platform specific hardware acceleration, Xamarin apps are compiled for native performance. The Xamarin approach includes Xamarin Studio (IDE) which supports coding in C#. Xamarin also enables code sharing across platforms which shortens the development time.

Xamarin Supports mobile development in C#

If you talk to a Mobile App Development Service then they can better tell you how much important efficient it is to code in a object oriented, modern, user friendly programming language. C# is an Object Oriented Programming Language which looks like a modern version of C++. C# is also simple, general purpose and type safe. C# allows simple data type to be treated as objects. Type safety feature of C# help the developers to reduce the errors in the code. C# also eliminate the use of pointer and header in order to simplify the syntax. Hence C# is the most preferred programming language for cross platform mobile application development and Xamarin support the C# for mobile app development under it.

Shared App Logic Across multiple Platforms

Xamarin supports sharing native UI and it also supports sharing logic across multiple platforms. Shared app logic feature makes it very popular to use on cross application development platforms. Xamarin allows developers to share 75% of the code across various platforms and OS. As Xamarin enables the developers to share the logic hence it saves time required for development and it also decrease the chances of having bugs in mobile app development.

Xamarin supports API Integration

Xamarin supports integration of API and UI in order to build iOS, Android and Mac apps in their respective platform specific languages. By making the use of portable class libraries and appropriate application architecture, Xamarin allows the developers to share the code between iOS, Android and Windows. Xamarin also provides support for the new features. You can click on the respective platform for the latest support packages for iOS, Windows and Android.

Xamarin Component Store

Xamarin Component Store was launched in 2013 to help developers build apps with less time and efforts and to add amazing features to it. Xamarin supports collaboration and sharing. This store has a list of stunning UI controls, beautiful themes, cloud services, charts and graphs, and many other powerful features which a developer can add to its mobile app in very short time.


Xamarin supports cross platform mobile app development and now noone can afford to ignore it. Xamarin provides rich features and many benefits which allow the developers to build a near perfect cross platform native app. Also Xamarin has millions of developers which make a vibrant developer community which continuously interact and support each other and also collaborate to enhance the Xamarin software regularly.

Top 10 App Makers to build an Ultimate Mobile Application: No Coding Required!

Android Applications Development

Android app development is taking the world by storm and it is here to stay for many more decades or centuries! What if we tell you that you don’t need to have to be a coding ninja in order to build an android app.

Though Android development company can definitely come to rescue your android app making desires because of the expertise and the industry-knowledge it can render to make your app a successful launch. The ultimate business goal of any android applications development project is the minting of high profits and engrossing revenue from the maximum possible sources as well as the target audience.

In this conclusive list of the top 10 app makers, we are going to discuss about the android app development tools that require no coding at your end. You have to shell out at least $50 per month to get a native app build by an Android development company.

However, it would be exciting to see if these apps can actually perform to the extreme as far as customization is concerned.

Top 10 App Makers for Android App Development

There are more than 25 companies with such apps around the globe and with the buzzing success of drag and drop website builders, these app builders are a must to taste:

1.Shoutem – Stands tall among the crowd of app builders.

Android App Development

What we liked the most about this app maker is the smooth handling, easy uploading of images, hassle-free use and geo-based elements. This is a very remarkable tool for Android App Development. Location-based elements is the centre of attraction of this app tool. It’s a very powerful app builder but doesn’t create a hole in your pocket at all! Templates are fun and nice. What all do you expect at just $19 per month for a basic pack?

2.Swiftic (formerly Como):

No doubt, this app maker which was build in Israel boasts of having created more than 1 million apps around the tech world. This app maker can be a favorite among the crowd of restaurant owners and the bands who are high on creating events and organisations. This app maker is priced at $57 monthly and comes with a labelled 6 month success guarantee. You can easily create apps which requires functions like appointments, events as well as ecommerce apps can be created with ease using this app maker.

3.GoodBarber – Stunning templates!

Android Development

Wow. How beautiful themes! THis is the first reaction we can give when we first start using it. Social networking, iBeacons, chat and Geofencing are some of the very interesting and most advanced features you can instill in your app while doing Android app development using this app maker.. Priced at $32 per month, create your native iOS and android apps with very stunning templates. You can even integrate your Etsy, Amazon and Shopify stores within the app.


If you are looking to create an Android app development or windows app, iOS or HTML5 app, AppYourself can be a great app maker for you because it will alllow you to create any of these apps very easily. Their plans range from €5 to €200. Subscribing to a basic plan is important in order to launch your app to the app stores. Their loyalty card feature is really impressive which you can integrate in your app!

5.AppMachine – Wealth of features!

This AppMachine tool is really a time-saver if compared among the apps listed here for android app development. Why? This app imports all the important information from your website URL. Whether it’s the images or social media information, it is definitely gonna save you a lot of time here. Plans ranging from $49 to $60.

6.Bizness Apps:

The most impressive fact we have got to know about Bizness Apps in the one of their videos is that one of every 20 apps being launched is build by Bizness Apps. It can’t be said whether the fact claimed is true or not but we see that in past 7 years, 300,000 apps have been built using this app creator tool. It is a California-based company and their monthly plan is $59 per month and likely not to suit your budget.

7.Appy Pie:

Integrations and niche features in Appy Pie makes it a very interesting app maker to use for Android app development as well as an iOS app development. However, it can be very tempting to start using this app maker to create your app with a free basic plan but it is mandatory to move to a higher plan to launch the app to the app store. What’s more impressive is that you can integrate many functionalities and can even create a dating app out of this app maker!


Relatively, a new kid on the block and pending for major tweaks on the app creator tool, we do have one positive side of this app which is the price! From $1 to $14, this Singaporean app is the most affordable app creator tool ever! The UI/UX of the app is quite not up to the mark so it can be not reliable at all. Not as much fun app as expected but quite good as it has many building blocks for customization needed for best Android app development.


This is a Texas-based company which provides you with the ease of creating 2D games without any coding.It takes the hassle away from the programmers to create a game which can get very complex at times. You can add art, music and effects in your game. Easy UI/UX of the app creator and drag and drop behaviour makes things even more easier! After you are done creating your app, share your masterpiece to the world using Android or App store or even Amazon! This is probably something you want after you are done with Android app development process.


You can start your free trial with this app creator tool today and see what all it has to offer you! It claims to help you create stunning apps in minutes! It even has a MobAppCreator reviewer.

Final Verdict:

We hope you like this comprehensive list of the tools we have mentioned above after doing a full-fledged research on the tools. We have placed Shoutem and Swiftic on the top because of their wonderful features and ease of use. If you are looking for a more customized Android app development, then hiring experts from an Android development company would be the best option!

Witness Major Hike in Business with iPhone Application Development

Mobile application development is the present and future of the technology. The world is too small. At least, nowadays when anyone and everyone in the world can connect to one another with the palm-sized device called a smartphone.

The life has become much more technology-oriented and so is the technological growth! The advent of iphone apps is such a recent phenomena and has already took over the world like a wildfire. In such a revolutionary scenario, how can a business not get an iPhone app developed from a iPhone application development company in Dubai or elsewhere?

Mobile Application Development

It is a known fact that a company should go where people thrive. It is a true fact because a brand needs audience. If people love using iPhones so the brands should lead themselves to get iPhone app created for their business by a leading iPhone app development company. Today, if a brand doesn’t have a good online presence, success can’t come easy for sure.

How does iPhone app development fuels your business growth?

The ultimate goal of every business has been hike in revenue. Whatever methods or strategies, a business implies for the marketing and promotion of the brand- ranging from creating a website, app or social media marketing, the end goal is revenue. But, a business may be missing out something really important and big if they have still not got an iPhone app developed for the business. As, the number of iPhone users is increasing day by day, there is no excuse to be given for not hiring an iPhone app development company for getting an iPhone app developed by experts.

iPhone App Development

Scenario of iPhone app development in Dubai:

The popularity of iPhone is at it’s highest, especially in a country like Dubai where luxury thrives! Fashionistas and image-conscious people in Dubai are the first people who buy the latest iPhones whenever they are launched.

So, it becomes crystal clear how much helpful it will be for a business to get an iPhone app developed from an iPhone application development company in Dubai. But make sure the iPhone app development company you hire is expert in it’s field and has an outstanding portfolio.

Engaging and unique apps:

What people look for in an app is the seamlessness and smoothness when running an app. The iPhone app one gets developed from an iPhone application development company should be engaging and attractive so that the people who download the app easily get impressed by the app and buy the products or services available through the app.

The UI/UX of the app should be good enough and very interactive. If the app is not interactive, you can easily lose sales and hence, loss in revenue.

Tips to find the best iPhone application development company in Dubai:

It is very important to find the best iPhone app development company to get an app created according to the ethics of development. First of all, check the portfolio of the company you want to hire. Secondly, ask for recommendations from the past clients and talk with the company representatives to know about the budget and services. iPhone app development is a complex phenomena and hence, it should be handled by experts only. A team of expert iOS developers can only handle the app development with care from the very start to finish.

● Expert knowledge and industry experience comes handy while the iphone app is being developed.

● It is very crucial to ask for budget beforehand so that no extra costs are added afterwards.

● Never forget to check the past work of the company because it helps you to understand if it’s a right fit for you or not.

● Always ask the people around you or in your social circle if a company is good enough or not to proceed with iPhone app development.

To conclude, iPhone app development is the need of the hour for any business that wants to lead the online market scenario these days and to increase the revenue manifolds.

Popular Mobile App Development Trends for 2017 in Dubai, UAE


Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Using Smartphones we do so many of our daily tasks like waking up with alarm clock, using WhatsApp, reading news, listening to music, watching videos, checking emails etc. Currently, more than 2 Billion people all over the world are using Smartphones. The mobile application development industry in UAE is also adopting these latest technology and trends that will shape the UAE markets in 2017 and beyond. This industry is witnessing rapid changes and till now there have already been a lot of innovations and inventions but still there is a lot to come.

There are many innovative trends which are being followed by the mobile app development companies in Dubai. Here we will discuss about the current mobile application development trends which are going to rule Dubai in 2017.

Wearable Gadgets

As per the latest report, the market for wearable devices is going to experience a CAGR of more than 20% leading to 213.6 million units shipped in 2020. We have already seen some amazing wearable devices this year like Apple Watch Series 1, Pebble 2, Xiami Mi Band 2, Google Daydream etc.These devices prove that wearable devices is not restricted to only healthcare industry and it is one of the most promising mobile app development trends for 2017.

Two large companies Apple and Microsoft are playing important role in bringing up the change from basic wearable to smart ones by launching the Microsoft Hololens and Apple watches respectively. These valuable devices are making the human machine relationship more interactive and thereby improve the services in various fields like fitness, sports, fashion, healthcare etc.

Rise of M-Commerce

Now days, instead of using credit and debit cards, large number of customers are preferring to make purchases through Google Wallet and Apple Pay. This has given significant rise to M-Commerce. Incorporating wearable devices with M-Commerce payment facility will become even more innovative and popular in 2017. Other than predictive analytics and data collection, wearable will also play a significant role in the future of M-Commerce and customer satisfaction.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

As per recent report, there will be more than 300% increase in investment on artificial intelligence in 2017 as compared to last year. Using advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces into complex systems and machine learning technology, AI will be more prominently used in smartphones and related devices.

Therefore the big companies like Google, IBM, Facebook etc. have already started acquiring startups which are doing research in Artificial Intelligence. We have already witnessed some of the amazing AI apps like Siri, Prisma, Google Now and we expect much more in 2017 and beyond, making AI in mobile application development as a major trend. The combination of AI and the mobile applications is really changing the face of technology and taking the mobile application to a whole new level in the future.

IoT (Internet of Things)

As per the recent report, there will be more than 26 billion devices which will be connected by 2020 including the smart objects like Toys, Sports equipments, LED light bulbs, domestic appliances, medical devices, and the controllable power sockets etc. These objects which are used at homes are going to be worked as a part of Internet of Things and going to operate the things via your Smartphones.
Hence the Smartphones work remotely and will control all the domestic devices. The mobile devices will be able to display and analyze the information of the domestic appliances. Microsoft is doing great research in this segment and software companies like SAP, Internet of Things Solutions, Intelligent System Services are also doing research in IoT and are applying the IoT capabilities to their products.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Even if some people are not much familiar with the mobile application development technology but they are aware of the term VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). These are the latest and advanced technologies that are bringing great revolution in the gaming and entertainment industries.

Pokemon Go, myNav, Sky Siege etc. are various VR based games which were launched recently in 2016. There are several devices like Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard etc. which are VR based devices that are getting popular day by day. The VR and AR are evolving everyday and will be key trends in the mobile app development industry during and beyond 2017.

Usage of Swift Programming Language

Swift is the mobile app development language which is created by Apple to develop mobile apps for its iOS platform. Swift is a reliable programming language that plays an important role in the increase of speed of developed applications and also reduce the cost of creation. One of the most popular feature of Swift is interactive playground which allows the app developers to make quick changes into the snippet of the app code without even recompiling and fixing the errors while examining the results or output on the device.
Other important feature of Swift are Automated Memory Management and Inferred Types. The trend of using Swift for the iOS mobile app development in place of Objective-C will be a major trend for next couple of years.

UI/UX Getting More Importance

UI/UX (User interface and user experience) has been important part of mobile app development since beginning but with the latest trend it is getting much more important. Now there are many tools available in the market to build innovative user interfaces that creates memorable experiences for mobile app users. With this trend, more and more new tools will be launched to put more emphasis on user experience and it will transform it into more creative and attractive process. The users are now attracted towards mobile applications more because of the effective display of data and the meaningful content of the mobile interface. Most of the successful mobile applications have developed an intuitive design and interactive mobile interface.

Cross Platform Mobile Applications

The cross platform mobile applications are the apps which can be used on any of the mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. It involves the development of the application in a particular sort of environment which allows the developers to develop it for as many platforms as they want. The cross platform development tools play the important role in the mobile application development for many platforms. These tools are easy to use and based on the common programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


As the number of smartphone users is expanding rapidly hence more and more new types of mobile apps will be launched using some of the above mentioned technologies in many domains and areas of businesses. These trends will make sure that new technologies will keep on coming and major companies will keep on increasing their research on these trends and these trends will definitely shape the future of mobile app development industry.

Xicom accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office in Dubai, UAE

Xicom Technologies, the leading software development company, recently opened a new office at 303-10 Opal Tower, Business Bay, Dubai UAE to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s high technology talent pool and to serve its clients in more efficient and faster way. New Office expansion will enable Xicom Technologies to accelerate growth in software development services including Web Application development and Mobile App development.

In addition to its offices in India and USA, the new office will support the company’s growth strategy. In recent years, Xicom has developed software applications and mobile apps for so many clients in the middle east and Dubai region. This new office will enable Xicom to provide easy access and fast service to these customers.

As Xicom was witnessing high growth globally, hence the decision to expand it’s presence in Dubai is a logical one. Dubai is a financial hub and using new office the company can broadly offer the benefits of its high quality software development services to its clients in the Middle Eastern / GCC Region.

For more information visit us at http://www.xicom.ae

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