Software Development


Robust, scalable and high-performance software development services and solutions customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Xicom's software development solutions empowers global organizations and businesses to procure cost-effective, reliable and world-class software solutions for their IT requirements.

Xicom is one of the foremost software development companies with an enviable track record of excellence that innovates ideas into real world applications. We provide highly economical software solutions that are just right from the clients' business perspective.

Xicom possesses the wherewithal to leverage its cutting-edge technological potential to assist our customers in achieving optimal time-to-market, decreasing the operational cost and providing them with the freedom to focus on their core business activities. We are known to adhere to some of the most brilliantly conceived and time-tested development processes that helps reduce research and development cost while ensuring the optimal quality of our solutions.

Offshore Software Development

Advantages of Xicoms' Software Development Services

  • Economical - Our software development services are specifically designed to provide cost savings up to 45% as compared to development cost of companies in UAE and GCC markets.
  • Stellar Solutions - With more than 15+ valuable years of quality experience in providing best in class software solutions means that we are without a peer in our ability to provide answers even in the cases of the most complex requirements of software.
  • Faster Time to Market - The ability to facilitate a faster time to market is a great advantage to possess in a competitive market. Our cutting edge infrastructure and ready to deploy resources makes that possible for your business growth.
  • Highly Professional IT Staff - Xicom has a vast talent pool of over 300 highly trained IT professionals with diverse experience in developing software for a wide range of businesses.
  • Flexible Deployment of Manpower - You can reduce your housing, recruiting and training costs by using our software development services in consonance with your requirements.
  • Minimize Development Risk - Xicom is a leading software enterprise with proven and time tested processes and quality management systems that ensures risk-free project development.
  • Confidentiality of Proprietary Information - We have a secure development center with strict security protocols to guarantee 100% safety and security of intellectual property. Furthermore, a signed non-disclosure agreement guarantees confidentiality of your proprietary information.
  • Safety against Technological Changes - We secure our clients against disruptive technological changes by continually evolving and updating our resources and infrastructure with the latest trends and technical knowledge.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified software development company that has earned a reputation for providing bespoke web and mobile software solutions over the last 15+ years to more than 1500 customers, some of which are even Fortune 500 companies. Our principle objective is complete and comprehensive client satisfaction and to this end we have done well to establish ourselves as one of the foremost web development service providers in the world.