Xicom has earned an enviable reputation as an ace developer of the entire range of IT solutions and services for both onshore and offshore businesses.

Today organizations across the globe well understand the advantages that accrue from IT solutions. Xicoms' IT services helps in bringing down the operational cost of businesses while simultaneously enhancing competitiveness. Metamorphose your business operations with the help of our cutting-edge technology expertise and expandable IT solutions.

The advantages that flow from IT sources are acknowledged and well appreciated by businesses and organizations across the world. IT outsourcing services are undoubtedly one of the most impactful and practical way of slashing the operational cost of a business even while providing it with sterling quality solutions for all its IT needs.

Xicom provides an vast range of solutions encompassing in-house staff augmentation, IT outsourcing, ecommerce solutions, website development, process automation, consulting services, mobile apps and web application development. We are essentially problem solvers par excellence who have access to a broad-based technology toolkit. We create solutions that empower startups as well as large scale established organizations to meet evolving consumer needs in the most emphatic manner possible. Our solutions provide businesses with the wherewithal to leave their distinct stamp in the online universe, enhance their knowledge management and collaboration, as well as accentuate business processes leading to much enhanced productivity.

Over the last 15+ years, Xicom has acquired a formidable reputation by leveraging wide range of IT services on behalf of both its onshore as well as offshore businesses. Our highly talented and innovative team of top notch IT professionals with their tested and validated expertise in development gives us the advantage to deliver bespoke IT solutions that encompass the development of brand new softwares as well as re-engineering of the existing legacy systems being used by large organizations. We have initiated the development of a wide range of eclectic models and are in a position to deploy resources and infrastructure in a dedicated manner for a particular client for a specific time frame thereby enabling businesses to exercise full control over the development team leading to far more efficient monitoring and management of the whole software development process.

Technology Solutions

As a leading IT consulting company, Xicom has the ability to absorb and implement the latest cutting-edge technologies to meet the ever evolving business needs of our customers.

Business Solutions

Xicom has an enviable reputation in building highly successful and comprehensive IT solutions for businesses through standardized processes and robust client partnerships.

  • ERP Solutions
  • E-Commerce / E-Business Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • CRM Solutions
  • Social Networking Solutions
  • Loyalty Program Solutions
  • Online Auction Solutions
  • Managed IT Solutions

The software development services provided by Xicom lead to a large number of advantages for your business like an enhanced ROI, cost savings, total control of operations as well as tremendous improvement in productivity as well as efficiency. Our IT solutions enable businesses to extend their service offerings, reduce business risks and make long term investment unnecessary. Our team of professional IT experts work in conformance with your organization's time-zone and ensures that you meet your business objectives in the most ROI-centric manner.

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